4 resorts with beautiful views in Sapa

You are finding a place for your honeymoon, then Sapa is the first choice for you in this winter! With clean rooms, good service and amazing view; resorts in Sapa surely make your honeymoon a wonderful experience. Let's check out these 4 best resorts below

Sapa Jade Hill Resort

It's great that Sapa Jade Hill Resort was built as a miniature European village in the heart of the beautiful Sa Pa town with its white walls and rustic and brown woods. It lies on a high hill surrounded by green mountains with mist. The temperature outside is pretty cool but inside the villas are beautiful and cozy. The villas here are very large, often over 120 m2, and there are four villas with different designs for you choose

Topas Ecolodge

Approximately an hour's drive from Sapa town, Topas Ecolodge is located on a green hill, comprising 25 bungalows made up of white granite and palm-leafed, and extremely harmonious with the beautiful landscape. Visitors at Topas Ecolodge would like to enjoy the sunrise. Here you can see the full image of the sun rising up from the mountains, gradually clearing the mist.

BB Sapa Hotel (former name is U Sapa)

Located right on Cau May Street, this BB Sapa hotel is designed in the ancient style of architecture of the West combined with modern beauty and mixed of beautiful French architecture and local identity. With a favorable location and a large facade looking straight at the Stone Church, while looking down Cau May Street, all the rooms also have a beautiful view. Tourists can see the vast green mountains of Sapa even from a long distance. Therefore, this hotel is favored by both domestic and foreign tourists.

Additionally, services at BB Sapa Hotel are very professional. If you come here at the weekend, you can enjoy the delicious barbecue party in the restaurant area, next to the balcony of the hotel. Watching Sapa at night, inhaling the cool and fresh air while sipping and enjoying delicious dinner is really an unforgettable experience.

Amazing Sapa Hotel

If you have a self-sufficient trip to Sapa, do not forget to check out the Amazing Sapa Hotel. Quite close to the center of Sapa and popular destinations such as Sapa Rock Church and Sapa Central Square, Amazing Sapa Hotel is away 500 meters from Sapa Lake. It has a beautiful architectural space and a good view of nature.

Most of the rooms also look at the nature with the harmony between balconies and window frames, and the bedrooms here are comfortable and convenient. This is also among only a few hotels that offer excellent services including a separate gym, heated pool on the penthouse floor and especially Karaoke rooms with extremely high – quality sound.

In addition, dishes in the restaurant area of Amazing Sapa which are favored by many visitors. are rich, delicious and attractive. In short, it can be said that these are best resorts in Sapa, so it’s up to you to choose the resort which you would like to stay at.