4 most amazing waterfalls in dak lak province

If the Bay Nhanh Waterfall (Seven Branches in English) looks like giant hands, the Krong Kmar Falls is as soft as the long hair of a young woman lying in the deep blue plateau.

Dray K'nao Waterfall

Not pouring from above like other waterfalls of this plateau, the flow of the Dray K'nao waterfall curves through rocks, the bunch of curtain fig roots stick together as if they are finding a new place. All together make up the eloquent sound like the epic of this land.

The old trees shade, the rocks are narrow, which creates a spacious comfort for guests to sit back, listen to the wind blowing, hear birds singing and listen to cool water murmuring under their feet.

Krong Kmar Waterfall

Not originating from Srebrup River like other falls in the Central Highlands, Krong Kmar originates from a river hanging on top of the mountain. As a result, if you look it from a far distance, the waterfall looks like a long hair of woman running between the majestic Cu Yang Sin peak, then stretched to provide the green rice fields of Krong Bong district with cool water.

The charm of the waterfall is the gentle slate sleeping between the waterfalls. They look like elephants which are immersed in water after a long trip. The biggest disadvantage of this waterfall is that it is such a difficult way to get here.

The “Bay” Waterfall

Situated in the nature reserve called Ea So, the Bay Waterfall attracts visitors by the wildness of the water line which is higher than 20m, pushing each other on the gray sky, the thorny of the rocks around, the soft water of the water hidden between the knotty roots of intercropped trees, or the wildness of the waterfall has not had too much intrusion of people.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the falls, visitors also admire the Ea So reserve, watch the wildlife animals going around or eat the delicious baked fish.

Seven Branches waterfall

Seven Branches Waterfall is located in Nua village, Ea Huar commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province, about 35km northwest from Buon Ma Thuot city.

Looking down from above, the Seven Branches waterfall likes a giant hand with seven fingers spreading out in the middle, which "wrist" is about 500m wide. Each branch of the waterfall, when poured into the bottom of the reservoir deep below the waterfall, divides here into different terrains.

The first branch is full of trees and curtain fig. Branch two, three, four have many rocks protruding to create different levels of water steps.

The fifth branch is a rocky stream. When you are tired, you can rest, drink wine on the floor laying up the branches on the twig and hear the sound of wind and water.

Besides the sense of adventure when spring through the curtain fig roots and big trees when reaching the falls, it is also interesting to ride an elephant on the forest or wander on the stream by dugout canoe.